34 Ways to Get Banned on OnlyFan

Welcome to a wild ride through the comical and utterly unexpected reasons why people have been banned from the realm of OnlyFans. Brace yourself some quirky rule-breaking incidents that will leave you thinking about the content you make and hopefully less likely to be banned for something you did not realise.

So 34 different ways to get banned on OnlyFans

  1. Don't be an account hoarder! Only two accounts per person, unless you have a secret cloning machine.

  2. No explicit content for ex-subscribers! Once they've unsubscribed, keep it PG, like a children's picture book.

  3. Gambling's a no-no! No raffles or games where someone pays but gets nothing in return. We're not running a rigged carnival here!

  4. PG your profile! Everyone can see your headers and profile pics before age verification. Keep it classy, like a G-rated Disney movie.

  5. Caption control! No more tentacle talk or explicit captions. Let's keep it at a respectable 15-rated level.

  6. Outdoor escapades need permission! If you're filming in public, make sure you have a signed release form from the landowner or your landlord. No flashing on Main Street!

  7. SSH! No sharing screenshots with usernames. We're not here to play 'Guess the Client's Name.' Keep it confidential, like a secret spy mission.

  8. Exclusive means exclusive! Don't resell your OnlyFans content on other platforms. Get creative and give it a remix before sharing it elsewhere.

  1. No third-party payment parties! PayPal, CashApp, or any shady business is a big no-no. We're not running a black-market OF empire here.

  2. Subscribers are off-limits! No talks or hints of meetings on or off the platform. Sorry, no 'Subscriber Date Night' ads.

  3. Collaboration rules! Either work with registered creators or complete the release form with age proof for others. No imposters or time-traveling co-stars!

  4. Consent is key! Get permission from your collaborators and let them revoke it if they change their mind. It's not a hostage situation, it's OnlyFans.

  5. Loose lips sink ships! Keep personal convos and private info to yourself. Don't be a secret-sharing gossip queen.

  6. Contract chaos is a ban magnet! Follow the rules and agreements with your collaborators, or you'll face the wrath of the digital contract police.

  7. Limbs tangled? No-no! Full body restraint scenes are a big bondage blunder. We're not auditioning for Cirque du Soleil here.

  8. Kinky fetishes warning! ABDL, watersports, scat, and skin-breaking activities are all off-limits. Sorry, but we're not running a circus freak show.

  9. No age regression! School uniforms are a caricature, not an imitation. Remember, we're role-playing adults here.

  10. Keep it in the family... drama-free! Incestuous content is a forbidden fruit on OnlyFans. Daddy can stay Daddy, but no behind-closed-doors action.

  11. Pets aren't players! No furry friends in your shoots, even on the walls. Sorry, but it's not 'Take Your Pet to Work Day.'

  12. Family photos require permission slips! Just like a school field trip, get consent from everyone appearing in the background. Kid pics are a no-go!

  1. No DIY body mods! Anything penetrating that's not a certified sex toy is a 'stab in the dark' and a violation of the rules.

  2. Drugs and 420 are off the table! No drugs, no drug talk, and no green stuff in your content. We're keeping it clean like a fresh laundry scent.

  3. Breast milk bonanza ends here! Expressing milk is a 'milky way' to get banned.

  4. Stay legal, stay safe! Violating local obscenity laws while traveling could end up with you doing a different kind of 'tour' - in jail.

  5. Custom requests can be risky! When in doubt, contact customer service before diving into unknown fetishes. Safety first, folks.

  6. Blood is a 'vampire only' zone! Fake or real, blood is a no-show on OnlyFans. Sorry, no Dracula cosplay here.

  7. Don't be an international obscenity offender! Know the laws of the land you're in. Especially important for our LGBTQ+ friends traveling abroad.

  8. No medical mischief! Medical play, sounding, and speculum insertion are all out of bounds. Leave the doctor's office at the door.

  9. Consent is sexy! No non-consensual content, even if it's 'just a little roleplay.' Remember, 'yes' means 'yes' on OnlyFans.

  10. Say no to weapons! Guns, swords, and knives aren't welcome, even if they're foam replicas. It's not a Renaissance fair, after all.

  11. Put the bongs away! Drugs and drug paraphernalia are no-shows in your content. Keep it 'high' on good vibes only.

  12. Have a beef with breastfeeding! No sharing the intimate act of breastfeeding on OnlyFans. Sorry, it's not a lactation station.

  13. Follow the law, don't break it! Make sure your content complies with your country's laws. We're keeping it legal, not a 'crime and punishment' show.

  14. Bizarre customs come with risks! If it's strange and unusual, and you're not sure if it's allowed, ask customer service before diving in. Safety first, always!

Conclusion about being banned from OnlyFans

Remember, while we've had a good laugh at these offbeat ban triggers, it's crucial to respect OnlyFans' terms and conditions. Stay on the right side of the rules, embrace your creativity within the boundaries, and keep your content a delightful blend of cheeky and seductive. Now, let's dive into the amusing world of 34 Ways to Get Banned on OnlyFans and discover what not to do if you want to keep your account intact and your subscribers entertained!

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about being banned on OnlyFans :

Q: Can I get banned from OnlyFans for having multiple accounts?

A: Yes, OnlyFans allows a maximum of two accounts per person. Having more than that can result in a ban. Stick to two and avoid the temptation to open a third account.

Q: What happens if I send explicit content to expired subscribers?

A: Once subscribers unsubscribe, their consent for explicit content is revoked. It's important to respect their choice and refrain from sending any explicit media. Keep it PG for past subscribers to stay in compliance.

Q: Is it allowed to conduct raffles or games on OnlyFans?

A: OnlyFans doesn't permit raffles or games where participants pay without receiving anything in return. Think more along the lines of a tombola where everyone has a chance to win something.

Q: Are explicit headers or profile pictures allowed on OnlyFans?

A: No, explicit headers or profile pictures are not allowed. Keep them PG since they can be seen by anyone before age verification. Save the explicit content for the age-verified sections.

Q: Can I use explicit text in my captions on OnlyFans?

A: It's not recommended to use explicit text in your captions since they can be seen by the public. Keep your captions cheeky and seductive without crossing the line into explicit content.

Q: Can I film outdoor content for OnlyFans?

A: Yes, you can film outdoor content, but make sure you have permission or a location release form for private land. Avoid any public places or activities that could violate local laws.

Q: Is it okay to upload screenshots with usernames of other creators or clients?

A: No, sharing screenshots with usernames violates OnlyFans' client confidentiality. Protect everyone's privacy and avoid compromising their anonymity.

Q: Can I sell identical content on other platforms after posting it on OnlyFans?

A: No, OnlyFans requires exclusivity for certain content. Once you've posted it on OnlyFans, you can't resell identical content on any other platform. Add some variety and editing before repackaging it elsewhere.

Q: Can I accept payments for my OnlyFans content via third-party apps?

A: No, OnlyFans doesn't allow payments outside their platform. Avoid using third-party apps like PayPal or CashApp to receive payments for your content.

Q: Is it permitted to arrange meets with subscribers on or off the platform?

A: No, OnlyFans doesn't allow arranging or suggesting meets with subscribers on or off the platform. Keep all discussions and connections strictly within the boundaries of OnlyFans.

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34 Ways to get banned from OnlyFans

Discover the shocking and hilarious ways to get banned from OnlyFans. Stay out of trouble with our guide to avoiding the pitfalls