How to start OnlyFans: A Beginner's Guide

You might think that having a bunch of followers on social media before you start on OnlyFans is super important, but guess what? It's not.

You can totally start from the very beginning and work your way up like so many others have done. You just need to be a little extra careful with your plan. Lucky for you, this easy-peasy guide will walk you through all the steps to set things up and even snag your first subscribers!"

Starting up on OnlyFans - Getting Your Plans Together.

Jumping into the world of OnlyFans isn't rocket science, but some good ol' planning goes a long way. Before you dive into making your account, there are a few things you should tackle to give yourself a strong head start.


Consider creating your OnlyFans niche.

Choosing a focus before you create your OnlyFans account is like the ultimate way to begin.

Your niche is basically the big idea that your OnlyFans content will revolve around. Right now, some popular focuses on the adult platform are Gamer girl, soccor mum, alternative, dominatrix or any other of the 1000’s you could choose.

What you pick as your niche shapes how explicit your content is and what you'll wear in your posts. It can even affect how you act and connect with your audience.

The ball's in your court to pick what floats your boat. Most creators end up going for a focus that tickles their fancy personally, and that's the advice I'm handing you too. ALways be your authentic self.

Let's say you're all about diving into the world of feet pics on OnlyFans – your focus would be in the foot fetish realm.

Deciding whether you want to show your face is also a piece of the puzzle when you're choosing your focus. And just in case you're wondering how to get going on OnlyFans while keeping your face under wraps, we've got a detailed guide ready and waiting.

Creating your first content for OnlyFans - Mapping Out Your Posting Schedule

OnlyFans is a bit more of a time investment than you might imagine, especially during those first few weeks and months. So, let's put on our thinking caps and get strategic about your posting schedule. Consider how often you plan to share your content and when you'll be capturing those awesome shots.

I'm all for the idea of posting at least once a day until you've got yourself a solid bunch of followers. But hey, making enough content to keep up with such a schedule can eat up a lot of your time. You'll probably need to set aside a day or two each week just for shooting.

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And if you've got other stuff on your plate besides OnlyFans, here's a golden tip: Build up a treasure trove of content ahead of time. This way, you'll be ready to hit the ground running without any hiccups.

Setting up your OnlyFans profile

Chances are, you're already a pro at setting up social media accounts. But hey, if you're wondering about the nitty-gritty of how to join the OnlyFans crew, I've got you covered. And let me tell you, the whole sign-up process is a walk in the park.

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It's basically like creating an account on any other social media platform. All you need to do is go through email verification, and boom, you're in.

Now that we've cleared that up, let's dive into the exciting part: learning how to kickstart an OnlyFans journey that's not just fun, but also brings in the bucks.

Creating your OnlyFans Username and Display Name

When you hop aboard the OnlyFans train, they'll toss you a random username as you sign up. But don't fret, because you've got the power to switch it up to something that suits your business vibe way better. Think of this username as your profile's very own web address.

Quick tip: You've got just one shot at setting your username, and it's a no-go zone for changes down the line. So, it's smart to chew over your options and go for something that won't leave you feeling meh later on. At this time it's extra smart to make all of your social media usernames the same too.

Now, let's talk about your display name – that's the one everyone, including your subscribers, will see. The cool thing is, you can switch it around whenever the mood strikes. Feel free to pick something that's cool for the moment and pimp it up later as you gain more wisdom in the game.

And here's a trick: If it's doable, try weaving your niche right into your display name. That way, you're sticking in people's minds by giving them a hook to remember you by.

Creating your OnlyFans Profile and Banner Pics

Time to put your A-game on display – your profile and banner images need to be top-notch. Don’t go with the explicit stuff thats a huge rookie mistake that breaks OnlyFans Terms of Service, aim for something that's vibrant and energetic. Remember, you want to tease users enough to make them want to cough up the cash to catch the uncensored content. Use a clear high quality face pic for your profile picture and create a banner that is consistent with your niche / brand.

Quick tip: Use the same profile picture and banner across all your social media to make your accounts easily recogniseable when followers move from one platform to your OnlyFans.

Here's the deal with your banner image: it's gotta rock that landscape format. Pictures that are all about the portrait style might not fit the bill. You might just need to snap a fresh image that suits the banner perfectly for your profile's killer look.

Crafting Your OnlyFans Bio - Your Secret Conversion Weapon

Don't underestimate the power of your bio description – it's right up there with the other profile bits we've dished about. It's like the MVP in turning random visitors into loyal subscribers who open up their wallets for your content.

And guess what? We've got a super detailed guide that's all about whipping up the perfect OnlyFans bio. Don't miss out on it; it's your ticket to an epic bio that speaks for itself.

So, here's the scoop: Make sure your bio spells out what's on the menu in your OnlyFans world. Clear, snappy, and to the point is the name of the game, all wrapped up in a fun and irresistible package.

Passing the OnlyFans verification.

Before you can toss in your payment details, you've gotta get that profile verified. Nailing it on your first shot might feel like a bit of a puzzle since OnlyFans has their rules set in stone.

No sweat, though! Dive into our super-detailed guide on getting your OnlyFans verified, and you'll be set up and ready to roll before you know it.

Just a heads-up: Once you've applied, you're looking at a wait of 24 to 48 hours before OnlyFans gets back to you. But if you stick to the game plan outlined in the guide, odds are you'll score a green light.

And hey, if you get the "not quite there" message at first, don't fret. The email you receive will give you the lowdown on what needs fixing. Tackle the issue, give it another go, and you're golden.

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Setting up your OnlyFans Taxes - The W9 and W8-Ben Forms

When you're in the U.S., OnlyFans will ask you to take a swing at the w9 tax form. For the rest of the world, it's the w8-Ben form that's on the menu.

Now, these forms might give you a little jolt if it's your first time dipping your toes into anything tax-related. But here's the scoop: Filling them out is actually way less intimidating than it looks. We've got your back with a step-by-step guide on tackling OnlyFans taxes. And guess what? We've tossed in some nifty tidbits about OnlyFans taxes overall too, all in that same guide.

Starting your OnlyFans page

Alright, it's time to dive into the part you've probably been psyched for. Let's get the lowdown on how to kickstart your OnlyFans page and rake in those bucks.

Step One: Picking your OnlyFans subscription price - free or paid

You've got two paths to choose from: a free page or a paid page. Opting for a paid page means users need to hit that subscribe button to get a glimpse of your exclusive content.

On the other hand, a free page, as the name suggests, is up for grabs without a subscription fee. But here's the twist: You can still lock certain posts behind a pay-per-view wall or slide some pay-per-view goodies into your subscribers' DMs.

And guess what? If they're digging your stuff, they can even tip you. That's right – you can still make some serious bank with a free page.

But, heads up: A free page isn't all rainbows and sunshine. It tends to attract an audience that's a tad less keen on parting with their cash. So, responses to your paid content might not be as enthusiastic. Ultimately for this to work you have to gather a significant following fast and that is a problem if you do not already have a significant social following.

My advice? Set off on the right foot by going for a paid page, even if you're a newbie in the game. Start with a wallet-friendly $5-$15 per month and crank it up when your follower count does.

Now, here's the scoop: Many creators eventually end up juggling both a free and a paid page. That's totally an option you can explore, but I recommend kicking things off with a single page. Once that's sailing smoothly, you can always sail toward another.

Step Two: Crafting Your OnlyFans Greeting - Whip Up a Welcome Message

Time to roll out the red carpet for your fresh subscribers! Once they hit that subscribe button, a welcome message gets fired off. Take a moment to show your gratitude for their support and nudge them to dive into the awesome content on your page.

Step Three: What is geoblocking on OnlyFans

Guess what? OnlyFans gives you the power to put up a "No Entry" sign for users from specific countries, regions or even specific IP addresses. This can be a handy move if you're aiming to keep your profile hush-hush from certain people – say, friends and family.

But here's the twist: By shutting the door to high-traffic countries, you might be giving your organic traffic a bit of a haircut. Let's say you decide to lock out the US – that's a big chunk of potential visitors down the drain.

It's kind of like a balancing act between visibility and privacy. At the end of the day, the call's in your court – you get to choose what floats your boat.

Step Four: Hiding your OnlyFans follower count

Time for a little magic trick – you can wave your wand (or just tap your screen) in the settings menu to make your follower count disappear. This is a smart move when you're just starting out, especially if your follower count's looking a bit lonely.

But hold up, there's some psychology at play here. Even on a platform like OnlyFans, the whole "social proof" thing is real. Potential subscribers tend to give the cold shoulder to creators who seem to be hanging out all by themselves.

The trick to working around this is simple: Keep your follower count tucked away until you've got at least a handful of subs under your belt. It's like creating an air of mystery – and trust me, that works like a charm.

Making your first OnlyFans Content

Your OnlyFans profile and page are all set to roll, but that page is looking a bit like an empty canvas right now. Time to sprinkle it with some content magic.

Hold on tight, because you're about to whip up three different flavors of content for your OnlyFans venture.

First Job: OnlyFans Feed content

This batch is the stuff you'll be proudly displaying on your page. Pump out the best quality of content you can with your experience and equipment that you have available to keep your subscribers coming back for more. Make them feel like they've hit the jackpot, while you save the cream of the crop for your super exclusive PPV content.

You've got a creative playground here – explore your niche, let your hair down, and enjoy the ride. Stick with what gets the best vibes, but don't shy away from venturing into new territory from time to time.

Second Job: Social media content to promote your OnlyFans

Think of this as your content with a tad less sizzle – I always recommend SFW content with a suggestion of NSFW. Make sure it is compliant with the social platform you are posting on and always make sure you dont give away your explicit material for FREE. Keep that behind the OnlyFans paywall.

When it comes to promotion, imagesand short form video take the crown. Videos might have more engagement oomph, but they also come with a higher production toll.

Third Job: Creating your first OnlyFans PPV content

This is where the fireworks happen – your juiciest, most intense or explicit content. It's like your golden ticket to mega earnings. You'll share these gems with your subscribers via direct messages and sell them off with a pay-per-view price tag.

This pay-per-view content is what the top players use to rake in the big bucks on OnlyFans. Expect it to be more intense or explicit than what you share on your regular page.

Here's a plan: Focus on your page content as you kick things off, and then later on, start sliding those PPV treats into your subscribers' DMs. It's like building anticipation for the grand finale.

Posting your first OnlyFans Post

Ready to rock that very first post on OnlyFans? There's no one-size-fits-all answer, but if you're feeling a bit stumped, here's a simple idea: kick things off with a pleasant picture of yourself and some warm words of welcome. Give your subscribers a sneak peek into what's around the corner, and don't forget to pin the post right at the top for everyone to see.

Here's the scoop: Instead of diving straight into explicit content, that introductory post is like rolling out the welcome mat. It's a way to ease your subs into what's to come.

Now, let's talk rhythm. Aim to give your page a pulse by posting at least once daily in the early days and then as you become more practiced at making content up that to 2, 3 or even 4 times per day using OnlyFans AUto schedule tool. This turbocharges your rise to the top and gets you noticed faster.

To keep that content conveyor belt moving smoothly, dedicate a couple of days each week to whipping up your creations. Especially if your niche demands a setup that's a bit more intricate or calls for some fancy attire. Once you've got your stash of content, schedule those posts throughout the rest of the week.

And here's a golden nugget of info: You don't need a hefty camera or pro lighting rig to whip up content that screams quality. Your trusty smartphone with a decent camera will do the trick. Wanna squeeze the most out of it? We've got a guide for you on maxing out your smartphone camera's potential.

Remember, the sun's on your side. Shoot your shots during the day when natural light's at its prime.

If you're up for it, consider nabbing a ring light and a tripod to level up your setup. You can always fine-tune things as you go along.

Oh, and don't pass up the chance to become a photo editing whiz with tools like Canva. It's like giving your images a little makeover. Plus, you can slap on a watermark to keep your precious content safe from prying hands.

Start promoting your OnlyFans page

You've sailed through all the steps like a champ. But hold the phone – if you're thinking of skipping the promo game, think again. Without a solid promotional game plan, getting your initial subscribers might feel like a never-ending saga.

Here's the deal: OnlyFans doesn't play matchmaker with an internal search feature or a creator recommendation system

Brace yourself for this truth bomb: Fresh creators often start with a teensy bit of visibility on the platform.

So, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, take the reins and dive headfirst into promotion mode. Round up visitors from all corners, including the realms of social media. It's your passport to kicking things off with a bang.

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Frequently asked Questions about starting your OnlyFans

What content should be my first post on OnlyFans?

Your debut post can be a friendly picture of yourself accompanied by a warm welcome message. This helps ease your subscribers into your content and sets a positive tone.

Should I start with a free or paid OnlyFans page?

Starting with a paid page is recommended. You can set a modest monthly fee, like $5-$15, to encourage subscribers. This approach helps establish value from the beginning.

Can I hide my follower count on OnlyFans?

Absolutely! You can hide your follower count in the settings menu. It's a clever way to manage perception, especially when you're starting and your follower count is low.

How often should I post content on OnlyFans?

It's suggested to post at least once a day initially, with some creators even posting up to four times a day for faster growth. Consistent content keeps your audience engaged.

How can I attract subscribers to my OnlyFans page?

Actively promote your OnlyFans through external sources like social media. Use captivating content and engage with potential subscribers to draw them in.

Can I restrict users from certain countries on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can limit access to your profile from specific countries. This is useful for maintaining privacy and managing your audience, but consider the impact on your visibility.

Should I create both free and paid pages on OnlyFans?

While some creators eventually create both, it's recommended to start with a single page to focus your efforts. Once you've gained traction, you can consider expanding.

Can I use my smartphone for content creation on OnlyFans?

Absolutely! A modern smartphone with a good-quality camera is sufficient for creating high-quality content. You can enhance your setup with affordable tools like a ring light and tripod.

How can I make my OnlyFans bio stand out?

Craft a bio that's clear, concise, and reflects your unique personality. Showcase what subscribers can expect from your content and consider incorporating your niche.

How do I handle taxes on OnlyFans earnings?

Keep track of your income and consider setting aside around 30% of your earnings for taxes. Familiarize yourself with the tax forms required based on your country's regulations.

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How to start OnlyFans: A Beginner's Guide

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