How to promote OnlyFans on Tinder in 2023

As of July 2023 Tinder has announced a change to its terms of service prohibiting users from mentioning other social media handles to “crackdown” on OnlyFans creators from using the app to promote their sites.

However, it may just be worth sticking to this strategy especially in the early days when you have time to dedicate to converting individual subscribers

A few things you need to know about marketing OnlyFans on Tinder in 2023

This is a geolocation based app. Which means you are going to create matches from the area around where you live or where you are with your phone. You will have to bear that in mind if anonymity is important to you. Perhaps alternative dating sites would be better for you which are not automatically geolocated.

It also means that if you live in a city you have a far bigger pool of potential matches than if you live in the countryside. Again if you are somewhere in the middle of nowhere other dating sites may work better for you.

Why should you still promote your OnlyFans with Tinder?

Well, Tinder is one of the most widely used dating apps worldwide, with millions of active users swiping left and right each day. By strategically promoting your OnlyFans on Tinder, you can tap into this massive user base, targeting individuals who are already open to new connections and experiences and while between relationships could be open to alternative arrangements let us say . While it gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality, engage with potential subscribers, and generate substantial growth for your OnlyFans profile.

Creating Tinder Profile to promote your OnlyFans on Tinder

To attract the maximum number of matches so you can “promote” your OnlyFans on Tinder, your profile needs to stand out from the crowd. And being a content creator you have all the skills to do that already. Here are some key pointers to help you create an enticing and engaging Tinder profile:

High-Quality Safe For Work Photos. Keep these PG and just like everyone else's so you do not stand out. You should Have 100’s of pictures to look through and choose the best performing SFW pictures from your socials as they have already proved they attract more attention than others.

Captivating Bio: Your bio is your chance to pique curiosity. Mentioning your job makes it hard to meet guys or girls and that it’s a real turn off for most guys. (This is a real important part of the strategy we will come to later)

Get swiping to help promote OnlyFans on Tinder

Identify the age range and profile of the type of guys you would like to target and start swiping however, the number of “right swipes” you can make on the free version is a closely guarded secret and can range from between 12 - 50 every 12 hours, however once you go onto a paid plan this becomes near unlimited.

Be proactive with your matches on Tinder if you are promoting your onlyfans.

Now that your Tinder profile is ready to entice users, it's time to engage with potential subscribers. Be proactive and send out the first message telling them you are so pleased you matched and then follow the strategy below.

Spark Conversations about your OnlyFans

Initiate conversations by asking open-ended questions which can drive the conversation to a point where you can introduce how you make a living. Go for questions like “what do you do as a job”, “Do you find it hard to get a date”or "when was your last relationship” all prompt a reciprocal question which you can use by deploying the strategy below.

Leveraging Tinder's Boost Feature to speed up your promotion

Tinder offers a powerful feature called "Boost" that can significantly increase your visibility and exposure in your local area for 30 minutes. Here's how you can make the most of it:

Optimize Your Timing when marketing your OnlyFans on Tinder

Schedule your Boost during peak usage times on Tinder. Research suggests that evenings and weekends tend to have higher user activity, giving you a better chance to reach potential subscribers. Later in the evening when matches are more inclined to be relaxed and getting horny is a great time between 9-10 pm

Do some A/B Testing on Tinder

Experiment with different Boost settings, primary photos, and bio texts to see what resonates best with your target audience. Analyze the results, iterate, and refine your approach for maximum impact.

Chat strategy to convert matches into social followers and OnlyFans subscribers.

So now you can not link or mention your socials. Of which your primary social for this should be Instagram. So. you will need to add a few extra steps and sadly sacrifice your passive growth on Instagram from people just browsing.

Remember that bit in the bio and the types of questions that you can use to prompt a conversation to go to a job. That's what you are looking for. The moment that comes up you are going to want to move the match to another platform and direct them to Instagram to chat there.

Psychologically matches love this as they want to take you off the dating platform so there is less inbound competition for your time at least in their eyes. Once there you can drop the “OnlyFans” bomb and suggest they check out your links and find out for themselves. From there you'll find some will qualify themselves out of the process, but for others they will either look to pursue a “date” probably not your objective or ask questions and you can potentially prompt them to sign up. At the least you have them as an Instagram follower and that link will sit there for them to come back too.

Ultimately Tinder's recent move to stop users mentioning Social links does limit its positive impact as it has previously been a great way to grow your Instagram organically without very much input other than signing into tinder everyday and making a few swipes so the algorithm knew you were active.

However not all is lost. Tinder is not the only Dating site that you can use to gain social followers and if this site does not seem to be the right thing for you then check out others.

Conclusion about promoting OnlyFans on Tinder

Combining the power of OnlyFans with Tinder can open up a world of opportunities for creators. By subtly promoting your OnlyFans profile on the instagram / Tinder combo, you can reach a big audience of potential subscribers who are ready to explore exclusive content.

Frequently Asked Questions about Promoting OnlyFans on Tinder

Can I promote my OnlyFans profile directly on Tinder?

No, Tinder terms of service prohibit you mentioning or promoting OnlyFans, you will have to be more subtle than that. Remember that it now prohibits any mention of Socials within your profile as well.

Is it against Tinder's terms of service to mention my OnlyFans on my profile?

Yes, Tinder clearly states in its terms of service “Don’t advertise, promote, share your social handles to gain followers, sell stuff, fundraise, or campaign. This also means Tinder isn’t the place for any sort of sex work, escort services, or compensated relationships”

How can I make my Tinder profile more attractive to potential OnlyFans subscribers?

To make your Tinder profile more appealing to potential subscribers, focus on your best SFW content that has proved to be popular on your social networks. Then show case your personality, while remembering to always be pushing matches to follow your Instagram and once off platform to suggest they check out your OnlyFans.

Should I include explicit content in my Tinder profile to promote my OnlyFans?

No, that is against the Tinders Terms of Service. ALways post Safe for work content and protect your brand and valuable content by placing it behind a paywall.

How do I strike a balance between promoting my OnlyFans and maintaining a genuine connection on Tinder?

The key to striking a balance is authenticity and chat as you would to followers while focusing on guys who don't want to date me because of my job.

Are there any specific phrases or keywords I should use to mention my OnlyFans discreetly?

Phrases like "exclusive content," "private community," or "access to behind-the-scenes" can help allude to your OnlyFans without explicitly mentioning it. Be creative with your wording and find ways to generate curiosity without violating any platform guidelines, but be warned Tinder is now explicitly stating their platform is not for promoting sex work so they will catch on to this sooner rather than later.

Are there any risks or potential downsides to promoting my OnlyFans on a dating app like Tinder?

While promoting your OnlyFans on Tinder can yield positive results, it's essential to be aware of potential risks. It is a geolocation app which means it pulls people from around where you live. For some this may not give them the anonymity they need, so be careful you do not have any control over who will see your profile. Additionally this can add complications if you are in a committed relationship with others seeing your profile and then asking difficult questions.

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How to promote OnlyFans on Tinder in 2023

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