How to become verified on OnlyFans

Becoming a verified creator on OnlyFans is a straightforward journey, but it can throw a few curve balls at you. Regardless, it's vital to navigate its ins and outs if you want to become an OnlyFans creator. This guide will walk you through each step of becoming verified on OnlyFans, giving you insight into potential pitfalls and tips on securing that sought-after verification badge. It will even explain the most common challenges people have and how to overcome them.

So, get ready to uncover the secrets of hassle-free Onlyfans verification and pave the way for your initial subscribers.

Please note: This guide is tailored for creators. If you're a fan looking to subscribe, no worries—verification isn't necessary. Just link your card, and you're good to support your favorite creators.

Email Verification on OnlyFans

After joining OnlyFans, the first thing you should do is verify your email.

You'll see a red warning if you haven't done this yet. 

Upon signing up, a confirmation email is automatically sent out.

If you're having trouble with email verification or need to change your address, click the verify email button in the email settings.

Simply click the verification link in the email to verify your address and complete the first part of your OnlyFans verification.

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ID Verification for OnlyFans

Many creators hesitate here, fearing to share documents online. This is especially true if you're an anonymous creator without a visible face.

But fear not! Your data is seen only by you. Numerous creators have already gone through this process. Trusted companies handle your data securely, using it solely for OnlyFans identity verification.

Next, you'll need a mobile device with camera access. For computer users, you'll either receive an SMS link or scan a QR code.

You'll be directed to Ondato verification for OnlyFans. Before proceeding, agree to their terms.

Select a document to verify with: passport, ID card, or driver's license and capture clear pictures of both sides of your government-issued document.

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OnlyFans social media verification

OnlyFans will also require verification through an active social media platform that's at least 30 days old and contains a minimum of 12 distinct facial pictures.

Rest assured, this step is solely for verification purposes. OnlyFans employs advanced age verification facial recognition software, enhancing security and ensuring the safety of all platform users, especially against potential exploitation involving minors.

How long does OnlyFans verification takes?

It might take up to 72 hours, but you'll likely know within a day if you're approved. If not OnlyFans will give you guidance in how you can improve the information you have sent over to get you verified.

OnlyFans verification Outcomes

Once the check is complete, you'll get an email about the outcome.If verified, great job - proceed to set up your OnlyFans account.

If not, the email explains reasons for rejection and how to fix them.

You do not have to wait, just make the changes and resubmit; just correct the errors and retry. Expect another 1 to 3 days' wait, so aim for accuracy.

Certain settings are off-limits until your OnlyFans account is fully set up. For instance, you can't set subscription prices without a linked bank account. So to go any further you have to wait to be fully verified.

How to complete your bank verification on OnlyFans.

You're just one step from being a verified OnlyFans creator!

This linked bank account handles payouts from subscriptions and tips.

Head to your banking page via More on the left menu, then click add bank.


  • Legal name

  • Address

  • City

  • ZIP code

  • Date of birth

  • All fields are required.

Choose a withdrawal method, varying by country.

You're now done with OnlyFans ID verification and ready to earn.

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Troubleshooting OnlyFans verification issues

Numerous factors can lead to rejected OnlyFans verification. Here are common issues and solutions. Fix or avoid them for easy approval.

Blurry Photos in your OnlyFans Verification

Retake the pictures ensure documents and face are clear, glare-free, and text is readable. Selfie photos shouldn't be blurry get them in focus.

Expired Government ID in your OnlyFans verification application

OnlyFans will not accept expired Government docs; avoid last 30 days of validity to make sure and either get replacements or use an alternative Government ID

Inaccurate Information in your OnlyFans Verification

Check for typos especially in your name in different parts of the verification process and always make sure the name you use is the same as your Government ID.

Secondary ID Needed to complete the OnlyFans verification

Unusual Government ID / docs might need an extra photo of an alternative type of ID or "Additional social media verification needed." Link your social media (this must be older than 30 days and have a minimum of 12 clear face pictures) You may need to post a series of new face selfies which you can remove immediately after the verification process is complete

Evidence of prior escort service promotion within your social media

If your social media has any actual or hints that you may or have offered meet ups in exchange for money. Reapply after clearing up the social media or use an alternative social media profile

Ensure your send both the front & back of card type ID to Onlyfans for verification

To complete Ondato you will need to have pictures of both sides of your Gernement ID cards.

Wrong File Format to upload for OnyFans verifcation

Make sure the images you use are either .jpg or .png under 7MB. If not change the format and reapply

Hopefully if you have had difficulties in verification you know how to fix them and youll be verified in no time.

Frequently ASked Questions about the OnlyFans Verification Process

How to get approved on OnlyFans?

To get approved on OnlyFans, you'll need to 1) confirm your email address, 2) fill in basic profile details, 3) verify your identity, 4) fill in your personal information, and 5) add a bank account.

How long does OnlyFans verification take?

It can take up to 72 hours to hear back from OnlyFans about your application. It's usually closer to 1 day. When the OnlyFans verification process is complete, you'll receive an email informing you of the outcome.

Why does OnlyFans need an ID?

OnlyFans requires an ID to verify your identity. They need to make sure minors aren't using their service. It also prevents people from uploading stolen content. Fans are in turn more comfortable subscribing.

How does OnlyFans verify age?

OnlyFans age verification is done by sending in a government-issued document showing your date of birth. You have to be at least 18 years old to create an account. OnlyFans also uses facial recognition software with your social media and to check posts that you make to ensure the safety of everyone using the platform.

Is OnlyFans verification safe?

Yes, OnlyFans verification is safe. It's done by Ondato, which is a company specializing in verifying users online. And your information is confidential and not used as part of your ONlyFans profile.

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How to become verified on OnlyFans

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