How to promote your OnlyFans on Dating sites.

Lets face it, traditional social media is constantly making it harder for OnlyFans creators to promote their site. I get it, as it's all about protecting their brand image and credit card processors. The same goes for Dating sites, but these are often overlooked by OnlyFans creators to create a constant flow of new social media followers and potential subscribers. However, with Tinder recently restricting even the mention of your social links in the bio it may be time to look at some alternative dating sites that can drive potential followers and subscribers to you with low effort.

Recap the basic Dating site strategy for Promoting your OnlyFans

  1. Post 3 - 5 high quality safe for work pictures that you know have already performed well on your socials.

  2. Create a bio that reflects who you are and mention that you have a job which means dating guys, or girls for that matter is hard. Make sure that you also include a written link or where you can an integrated link to your Instagram

  3. Check in with the site(s) everyday and flick through a few profiles so the algorithm keeps you at the top of search results as you are a current user

  4. Answer any messages prompting them to check out your Instagram if they want to understand what you do for work

  5. Be prepared to engage with people both on the dating site and Instagram with some conversation and look to encourage them to check out your instagram if you are talking on the dating site or OnlyFans if you have them on Instagram especially if they are getting “Frisky”.

Using Plenty of Fish (POF) to promote OnlyFans

With millions of active users, Plenty of Fish offers ample opportunities for OnlyFans creators. By utilizing its extensive filters and chat features, you can attract individuals interested in your unique offerings and entice them to explore the exclusive world of your OnlyFans.

Using Hinge to promote OnlyFans

Hinge focuses on building genuine connections through meaningful conversations. Utilize its thoughtful prompts and engaging profiles to showcase your personality and redirect interested users to your OnlyFans, where they can access your exclusive content.

Using eHarmony to promote OnlyFans

With a reputation for fostering long-term relationships, eHarmony may seem an unlikely choice. However, this platform's user base is filled with individuals seeking deeper connections and experiences. Craft your profile to highlight your passion for creativity and subtly introduce potential subscribers to your OnlyFans universe.

using Coffee Meets Bagel to promote OnlyFans

Coffee Meets Bagel provides a curated experience by sending users daily matches based on their preferences. Capitalize on this platform's targeted matchmaking to attract users who resonate with your content, leading them to explore your OnlyFans for an exclusive experience.

Conclusion about marketing OnlyFans on dating websites

While Tinder remains a popular platform for casual encounters, expanding your OnlyFans promotion strategy to other dating sites can be a game-changer now Tinder has banned all mention of socials within the bio and explicitly stated it does not want sex workers using their platform. By exploring the diverse range of dating platforms discussed above, you can tap into new audiences, build meaningful connections, and drive traffic to your OnlyFans. Remember to maintain authenticity, engage with users genuinely, and showcase your unique content to unlock the full potential of these alternative dating sites in propelling your OnlyFans success.

Frequently asked questions about promoting OnlyFans on Dating sites

Can I promote my OnlyFans on dating sites other than Tinder?

Absolutely! There are several dating sites beyond Tinder that provide opportunities to promote your OnlyFans and to place your instagram in the bio. By strategically engaging with users on these platforms, you can drive traffic to your exclusive content.

Is it against the terms of service of dating sites to promote adult content like OnlyFans?

Yes, and it contradicts the “authentic dating experience” that these site want to offer their customer as well as satisfying demands from their credit card processors that do not want to be associated with business that are even perceived to promote sex work. So review the specific terms of each dating site, be subtle and use it to primarily create a funnel towards a social network like Instagram where you can talk about OnlyFans in the DM’s.

How can I effectively promote my OnlyFans on dating sites?

To promote your OnlyFans successfully, create an engaging profile that highlights your personality and content. Engage in genuine conversations, pique interest, and redirect potential subscribers to your INstagram then OnlyFans through subtle and intriguing messages.

Should I disclose my OnlyFans in my dating site profile?

Answer: It's entirely up to you, but it’s more alluring to say your job makes it hard to meet guys. So while creators choose to mention their OnlyFans in their dating site profiles, others prefer to disclose it during conversations. Experiment with different approaches and determine what works best for you and your target audience.

Are there specific dating sites that cater specifically to adult content creators?

While there are dating sites that lean towards a more adult-oriented audience, it's essential to focus on popular mainstream dating sites like Bumble, OkCupid,, and others. These platforms have a wider user base and high volume of users that is constantly refreshing which you need to consitataly drive traffic and leads to your socials. Which increases your chances of finding potential subscribers.

How can I stand out from other users on dating sites?

Differentiate yourself by using great pictures which is your job to create and showcasing your unique personality, passions, and skills in your dating site profile. Utilize eye-catching visuals, intriguing bios, and personalized messages to captivate potential subscribers and direct them to your OnlyFans.

Can I use hashtags on dating sites to promote my OnlyFans?

Some dating sites allow the use of hashtags in profile bios or specific sections. Utilize relevant hashtags related to your content, interests, or niche to attract users who are specifically looking for what you have to offer on your OnlyFans.

Can I share explicit content directly on dating sites?

Basic answer No. Anyways you want to keep your most valuable (explicit) material behind a paywall. It's also crucial to respect the rules and guidelines of each dating site. While some platforms may allow users to share more explicit content, others may have stricter policies. Familiarize yourself with the terms of service of each platform to avoid any potential violations.

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